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Key Qualities of Top Civil Engineering Colleges in India

Amongst all branches of engineering, the application and range of civil engineering is the most viable and the broadest. All the credit of building airports, dams, mighty power plants, sea ports, industrial plants and waterways etc. goes to civil engineers. These civil engineers are also engaged in building an array of urban structures like tunnels, commercial complexes, roads, bridges, skyscrapers, sports and so on. The career options in civil engineering are very vast and often involve several aspects of architecture and design, allowing you to explore innovative new ideas and express your creative side. There are several top civil engineering colleges in India, offering quality education in conformity with advancements in management and technology.

Features of top civil engineering colleges in India

Top civil engineering colleges in India create quality civil engineers by maintaining an optimal learning and teaching environment in which candidates receive unsurpassed knowledge insights, tools and skills for lifelong learning in their respective disciplines. Some of the key features of top civil engineering colleges in India are as follows:
• Research oriented – Best civil engineering colleges in India focus on research as an asset, ensuring that their students are in demand all over the world for their abilities to understand and apply creativity and vision to address complex contemporary challenges. These top colleges conduct applied and fundamental research to educate future industry and academic leaders and prepare candidates for bright careers in professional practice.

• Industry integrated curriculum – The course curriculum of top civil engineering colleges in India includes adequate balance of core, foundation and elective courses. Case studies, simulation exercises, role plays, industry visits, guest lectures by experts, group work, project based learning, internship training and international exposure that form a part of the curriculum of top civil engineering colleges in India.

• Experiential and innovative learning – Top civil engineering colleges encourage candidates to learn through experiential mode along with classroom training. Through its innovative learning and teaching process, candidates get opportunities to learn through different modes. The curriculum of these schools emphasizes on continuous self learning.

• Continuous evaluation – Evaluation of the students is based on continuous assessment throughout semester with appropriate weightage given to their semester work and end semester exams. Various modes of evaluation like quiz, open book exam and viva are available to ensure best attainment of course and program outcomes.

MITAOE is one of the top civil engineering colleges in India providing a full time 4-year undergraduate course in civil engineering. With its interdisciplinary approaches in research and academics, independent evaluation system, internship and scholarships for candidates, updated and industry fusion curriculum and support for higher education in India and abroad, the institute has become best place to develop civil engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. To know more about MITAOE courses and their admission procedure, visit - mitaoe.ac.in.

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