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How to Choose Best School of Marketing and Communication in India

Best School of Marketing and Communication in India offers courses in digital marketing, mass communications, advertising management etc. Among these, Marketing and Communication are the most sought after courses these days.

With Indian business schools maturing over years; along with dynamic shifts happening in the field of marketing and communication, there are many business schools like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) – Ahmedabad/Bangalore/Kolkata, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management – Pune, Faculty of Management Studies – Delhi, Mudra Institute of Communications – Ahmadabad (MICA) etc that are well equipped with what industry needs and are offering effective delivery of marketing and communication solutions to the government, industry and community.

Marketing and communication courses in India
Marketing and communication courses are designed to give a thorough working knowledge of marketing and advertising communication and how they inter-relate. A strong emphasis is laid on candidate’s performance evaluation through modules, workshops, practical assignments and research projects done by the students.

Educational options range from an associate level degree/diploma to a masters degree/diploma. Undergraduate degrees and diplomas usually take 2 to 4 years to obtain and are available at the bachelor and associate level, while master degree and diploma programs require candidates to complete an additional 2 years of study. Post graduate courses in marketing and communication integrate areas of public relations, advertising, digital communication and marketing, entertainment management and strategy to create communication leaders and professionals.

Top schools of marketing and communication in India
Top school of marketing and communication in India aims to evolve candidates into strategic and creative communicators. They offer contemporary and progressive paradigms in strategic, creative and marketing communication domain. These top schools seek to achieve the perfect blend of industry interface, teaching pedagogy and research approaches. These schools strive to adapt to changes in the profession to prepare the candidates to work in different environments.

The syllabus and coursework of these top schools are regularly updated to cope up with latest industry trends. Adopting a global communication perspective, theses courses at top school of marketing and communication in India prepare students for the world of advertising, where audiences are changeable and fluid, and national borders are often irrelevant. In these top schools, you will also develop solid skills for research, strategic planning, and client management, in addition to the media, creative and channel communication skills. Moreover, you will also gain a thorough understanding of marketing processes as they apply to advertising and communication.

School selection criteria
When choosing a school of marketing and communication in India, prospective candidates should take into account their specific career goals. Things you must consider when looking for a school for marketing and communication are as follows:

• The business courses that you choose must focus on marketing and communication.

• Some schools offer internships with national and local businesses, while some require candidates to develop a professional portfolio that might benefit them while entering the workforce.

• Top schools also offer highly customizable marketing degree/diploma courses that enable candidates to narrow their focus on specific fields such as management, retail, research or social media.

• Candidates seeking integrated studies in both marketing and communication must look for a school that provides marketing degree or diploma courses with emphasis on communication.