Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Key qualities of top culinary schools in India

The scope for growth of culinary careers and the top culinary schools in India that prepare future culinary artists is enormous. Culinary is art of the cooking and preparation of foods. It is one of the most exciting career options for the aspirants around the globe today.

About the course
The culinary arts course prepares future professionals by offering programs to candidates who wish to learn fundamental culinary techniques like roasting, seasoning, braising, basic recipes, knife skills etc. The course also offers degrees and diplomas to professional cooks and chefs currently working in the food service industry. The program emphasizes on sanitation and security in the kitchen, menu planning, skill development, food production and preparation, and problem solving in a culinary department.

There are several top culinary schools in India like Culinary Academy of India – Hyderabad, Ecole Hoteliere (Ecolelavasa)-Pune, International Institute of Culinary Arts – New Delhi and Institute of Hotel Management – Aurangabad, that provide world class training to their candidates and also offer them excellent career opportunities in the hospitality sector across the country and the world.

Scope of culinary arts program
Candidates are often surprised at the scope and diversity of the culinary arts program. Culinary courses cover all aspects of the food industry – from food presentation to its preparation and the students are introduced to the production, cafeteria pantry, baking and table service components of this sector. A culinary career allows you to use your cooking skills to prepare delicious, fresh and creative meals for restaurants and customers. Candidates with culinary arts program have several employment opportunities such as prep cooks, private chefs, institutional chefs, cafe attendants, caterers and many more. You can expect jobs at restaurants, hotels, bakeries, resorts, private clubs and bistros etc.

Top culinary schools in India
Culinary arts program at top culinary schools in India is designed to prepare culinary professionals with the management training, technical skills and exposure to the culinary arts that develops a well balanced individual with several opportunities for career growth. Some of the features of top culinary schools in India are as follows:

• Basic training kitchen – To acquaint the candidates with fundamentals of food production, top culinary schools enable the candidates to learn the basic concepts of cooking.

• Bakery and confectionary – The courses at best culinary schools offer knowledge on raising agents, baking temperatures, proving time and glancing of the end products.

• Lecture rooms – Top culinary schools in India provide well equipped and modern lecture halls where students can discover the application and theory of culinary science and other important topics like uses of fresh herbs and fine wine appreciation.

• Advanced training kitchen – To emphasize the importance of garnish, appearance, presentation and eye appeal, top culinary schools in India acquaint the candidates with the latest trends in cold kitchen.

• Training restaurant – Candidates in top schools are also introduced to restaurant service styles, menu planning, table laying and other restaurant operations.

• Audio visual hall – Best culinary schools also provide audio visual and conference hall where guest lectures, demonstrations, seminars and workshops are conducted. All these rooms are well equipped with modern audio visual technological facilities.