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A Brief Guide on B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

The most wonderful aspect about pursuing hospitality management is the networking opportunities that one gets. If you like connecting with people, love dealing with food and are creative and dream to make your guests happy, then a career in hotel management will be the perfect choice for you.

About the program
B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration is one of the best hotel management programs that aim to build passionate and dynamic professionals for the hospitality sector with the necessary skills, values, attitudes and knowledge to hold key operational positions. The program emphasizes on strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills in the learners and allows for opportunities for practical work in the field through internships and co-ops. It is usually a 3-year program which equips candidates with all the required attitude, skills and knowledge to effectively discharge supervisory responsibilities in the hospitality industry. The program also involves in-depth laboratory work for the learners to gain the skills and knowledge in all key areas related to catering operations, food and beverage management, food production, tourism marketing, general management, finance, human resource management and more.

There are several hospitality management colleges in India offering a wide range of hospitality and hotel management programs to their candidates in order to develop hospitality professionals and leaders of tomorrow. Growth of tourism has opened up innumerable career opportunities for graduates of this program not only within the hospitality industry, but also in many other sectors.

Program objectives
B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration course gives candidates the educational and managerial tools to manage hotels, restaurants, resorts and numerous other places where hospitality is essential for the business. Some of the key objectives of the program are as follows:

• Equipping candidates with a high degree of academic skills and knowledge to meet the human resource needs of the industry

• Keeping the students abreast with the changing technology and hospitality trends

• Emphasizing on practical exposure in the core operational fields

Academic framework of the program
B.Sc. in hospitality and hotel administration program is a 3-year full time course that focuses on the in-depth examination of industry specific operations, including the management and use of key resources in a strategic manner.

Year 1 - The first year of the program will develop an overview of hotel administration, its management and environment with essential tools and skills necessary to run a hotel successfully. First year offers the basic foundation that prepares the candidates to take on more advanced and challenging modules in the next two years of this program.

Year 2 - The second year of the program focuses on a closer examination of several operations of the hotel industry particularly on the management and use of important resources such as people, IT and finance, from the strategic perspective.

Year 3 - The third year mainly focuses on hands-on job training in the hospitality industry.