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Take your family business to new heights with BBA in entrepreneurship and family business program

To start new businesses or play important roles in an organizations, an entrepreneur must be versed in the key areas of business management, and understand the external and internal environment of the company. One should also develop one’s entrepreneurial skill set and the ability to identify opportunities. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management is designed to provide budding entrepreneurs and family business owners the prowess and knowledge base to run and establish their own business ventures.

BBA in entrepreneurship program

The BBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management is a 3 year entrepreneurship management program that provides the candidate with a well-rounded education in entrepreneurial and business enterprise models. By combining an up to date and precise academic curriculum, practical learning and relationships with industry leaders, the program helps the graduates to become successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

The BBA program enhances the candidate’s understanding of how to look for new business opportunities globally, what it is like to be an entrepreneur and how to develop a business plan. It is designed to provide aspirants the right skills and knowledge to handle their own businesses successfully. Using practical applications of proven business principles, candidates in this course gain the essential knowledge needed to succeed and in turn, they can expect to find jobs in small business management, business consulting, management analysis, family business management and even start their own business venture.

Program objectives

The objective of the course is to assist family owned businesses to understand the changing dynamics of the organizations as well as competition, brought about by privatization, globalization and liberalization. The objectives of this accelerated, rigorous and application oriented program are to:

• Inculcate among candidates, entrepreneurial competencies including goal setting, self confidence, information seeking, planned risk taking and problem solving.

• Develop knowledge in successfully expanding, initiating, managing and diversifying a business organization with focus on understanding business practices and real life business situations.

• Offer intensive personal counseling to create a successful business executive and competent entrepreneur of tomorrow. Pedagogy and curriculum architecture.

The curriculum of BBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management is developed and designed on the basis of in-depth interactions with entrepreneurs, subject experts and family businessmen and consists of elective as well as compulsory courses offered in the below two streams of specialization:

• Family business management
• Entrepreneurship

The main pedagogical tools are case studies, project works and lectures. They are complemented and supplemented by simulations, role plays, group discussions etc. A judicious mix of class lectures by faculty members, project assignments and case studies along with company visits make this course really interesting. Regular interaction with highly reputed entrepreneurs is a key aspect of the program.

Finding the top institute that will be best valued for a candidate is a tough task. Faculty’s experience, placement records, location and infrastructure of the institute are some of the top features that one must keep in mind while choosing the best undergraduate institute in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or any other part of India for that matter.