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Guide to find best culinary schools in Pune for quality culinary education

Culinary arts have become one of the popular career options among younger students all across the world today. A culinary arts program from one of the leading institutions offers amazing career opportunities to the learners. Those who are passionate about cooking and are creative can turn their passion into career through culinary arts program. Being a chef is not only limited to gaining cooking skills but in fact, it’s an art to be mastered.
Why choose Pune as the most preferred destination for culinary education?
Pune is called as the cultural capital of Maharashtra and has experienced a record growth in last two decades. It is a major IT hub and coming up as an education hub too with a number of engineering and management institutes providing best education to the aspirants meeting international standards. Best culinary schools in Pune are offering such courses to the students where they can get the basic and advanced culinary techniques such as seasoning, roasting, knife skills, basic recipes, etc. A degree program in culinary arts also offers comprehensive exposure to the learners. Choosing the right course forms the foundation of any chef’s career and by getting admission in one of the top institutions in Pune, an aspirant will gain a competitive edge in the hospitality sector.

Top institutes for culinary arts programs in Pune
A culinary art course mainly focuses on the food preparation and production, sanitary and safety in kitchen, menu planning, problem solving skills and other skills required in culinary. Some of the best culinary institutes in Pune are:

• Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts
• Redcarpet Hotel Management & Culinary Academy
• Arihant Group of Institutes
• Ambrosia Institute of Hotel Management

The best culinary schools in Pune have adopted a quantitative methodology and providing quality education to the students as per the international standards. These institutes teach the learners contemporary and classic cooking techniques and methods from around the world, and also about the kitchen management and food services. Students are also provided with summer internship with hotels and restaurants to get practical world experience of what all they have learned.

The best culinary schools in Pune offer unique learning environment to the students and help them to learn cooking techniques of different cultures. The overall ecosystem of the restaurants, hotels and kitchens is also explained as part of the course to the learners.

Scope of the culinary arts
A degree, diploma or certificate course in culinary arts opens up many employment avenues for the students which are quite interesting and varied. One can start one’s career as chef, nutritionist, cook, food stylist, caterer, private chef, hotel manager, café attendant etc., and many more options are also available there. Hotels, resorts and restaurants hire these professionals from across the globe. One can also plan to start one’s own venture.