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Hotel management course from Ecole Lavasa

In the past few years, hospitality industry has recorded remarkable growth in India. Hospitality sector offers numerous opportunities and has a vast scope across the world. The career opportunities and salary packages attract a number of students and due to this, hotel management as a career has become a popular choice among the aspirants. As a result, a number of hotel management colleges are coming up in India with a variety of courses. There are some well known names which attract most of the students for their best-in-class qualities and education.

Hotel management
Basically hotel management requires a lot of skills including soft skills, communication skills, management skills, and most importantly - attitude. This industry is for the passionate people who love being challenged. Study of hotel management teaches about the topics related to eco tourism, management of several areas of hotels, business administration and other operations. The course is combined with hospitality management that includes basic training of operations, room services as well as managing restaurants and reception. This knowledge helps in understanding the basic structure of hotel industry. The course also helps in understanding the needs of customers and providing quick response to the requirements of clients.

Hospitality management at Ecole Lavasa
Ecole Lavasa is one of the best colleges for hospitality and hotel management in India. The institute offers different courses in hospitality education including:

• Event Management
• Hospitality management program
• Advanced Culinary program
• Certificate program in Training skills

Ecole Lavasa - Best college for hotel management in India is served by best faculties which aim to supervise students with each and every skill minutely. The hospitality management course at Ecole Lavasa focuses on the overall development of the students and the curriculum is designed to develop the future leaders of hospitality industry.

It is a 4-year program where students discover about the exciting world of hospitality during the first year. The second year focuses on developing the core business skills and knowledge required to manage revenues and costs. Students are exposed to several other departments of hotels in third year. The final year allows students to consolidate their learning with a live business project. During the final year, the students select their area of specialization based on their skills, knowledge and experience gained in past 3 years of their learning.

Scope of hotel management
An individual who has completed hotel management has a number of career options. There are a number of chain hotels and restaurants that offer several managerial positions to the candidates who have completed their degree from the leading institutes with good percentage of marks. Other areas where students get employed include food services, restaurant operational services, entertainment sector, event management and tourism sector. Students with a good sense of business can also start their own business after completion of the course.

Ecole Lavasa-Best hospitality school in the world has become the most preferred choice among the students when it comes to quality hospitality education, state-of-art facilities, best career opportunities and global certification. To know further about the admission process, visit www.ecolelavasa.edu.in