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Most Helpful Applications for Students

We are living in 2017 and that means that there is pretty much an application for any occasion. The students of today live in a completely different world to those who were studying 20 years ago, the access they have to various forms of technology, to the internet and to all of the different applications means that their lives are just that much simpler. Being a student means that there will be lots of added stress, so anything that can make their experience that little bit simpler should be welcomed. Here’s some of the best applications that can relieve some of the everyday stresses and worries of student life...

Lecture Capture Apps:
For whatever reason it may have been, we have all been guilty of missing a lecture or two, and even if we attend a lecture, there is no guarantee that all of the information will be taken in during the lecturer. Sometimes the lecturer will go on too quickly and sometimes there will be too much information to take in, and more often than not, you will find yourself staring into space. Lecture capture records all of the important information of a lecture and allows you to listen to them again and again. Lecture Capture is a great revision tool, but remember to ask your lecturer’s permission before recording the lecture.

Revision Tool Apps:
Revision applications are vital during exam period and can help a student to find the best way to study and revise. Some of the best applications in the country try and make revision more appealing and enjoyable. If you enjoy flash cards, then there are applications that can create digital flashcards for you to copy off and if you are a visual learner, then there are applications which help as well. App development companies are constantly researching new ways to appeal to students who are revising for exams, and work closely with education professionals to create the best kinds of tools and resources.

Exam Prep Apps:
Similarly, there are now applications which have a database of old exam papers and test papers to revise from. The majority of these applications use a social-networking style functionality which can allow the users to communicate with other users, which can encourage further revision and better exam results. These users can pursue revision materials and complete quizzes.

Planner Apps:
Being a student can be a really stressful period of your life, and with so much going on, in the way of lectures, seminars, meetings, deadlines and exam dates, it’s important to be as organised as possible. Planner applications allow the user to get a clear idea of when everything is happening, when they need to hand in different pieces of work, when they should be revising and so on. Having a student planner can really help to have a positive impact on a student’s productivity and it can even send reminders to their phone on when things need to be in for.

Taunton School offers outstanding education in Somerset for pre-prep, prep and senior ages. Helpful applications for students to use when revising for exams like the ones listed here are invaluable to pupils.