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What are the top benefits of studying a travel and tourism course?

The Indian travel and tourism industry is expanding at an exceptional pace. New convention centers and hotels are being built, visitor numbers are breaking records, international flight paths are being scheduled and tourist attractions are popping up. A course in travel and tourism includes taking care of the travelers, tourists, tour management, travel management, hospitality management etc. If you are searching for a career that incorporates business, travel and customer relations, then studying a course in travel and tourism would be the best option for you.

Overview of travel and tourism courses
A good travel and tourism course allows the candidates acquire powerful business management and relational abilities, thus widening their employment prospects. Travel and tourism programs enable the candidates to develop a number of core skills that are essential when working in the industry. These courses will normally involve a wide range of assessments, from writing reports and essays, to practical tasks, to exams and presentations. Students pursuing these courses will also develop their research skills and academic writing, their teamwork and presentation skills, IT skills and communication skills amongst many more, all of which are necessary skills required in the tourism and travel industry.

In addition, many colleges also offer candidates the opportunity to undertake work experience during their studies by offering them extra-curricular activities such as organizing events, company visits, international exposure, internship trainings and much more. Some of the top travel and tourism colleges in India offering a wide range of world class hospitality education to their candidates are as follows:

• Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Hotel and Tourism Management – Mumbai
• Bird Academy – Chandigarh
• National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management - Hyderabad

Benefits of travel and tourism programs
A good travel and tourism course aims to equip you with the understanding, skills and knowledge necessary to get a job in the travel and tourism industry. Some of the key benefits of studying travel and tourism courses in India are as follows:

• Rigorous and contemporary curriculum – Travel and Tourism courses in India help you to understand all the in-depth operations and functioning of the travel and tourism industry. From working on software to booking tickets, making arrangements to planning itinerary, everything is included in a good travel and tourism program. Moreover, the curriculum of travel and tourism courses is usually rigorous, contemporary and industry-oriented, which is regularly analyzed and updated according to the needs of the industry.

• Specialization opportunities – Travel and tourism courses also offer a wide range of specializations to meet the needs of diverse set of people.

• Other benefits – The industry-oriented curriculum, high quality learning, international exposure, hands-on training, and internship opportunities are all included in a good travel and tourism course offered by the top institutes.