Sunday, October 29, 2017

Why MBA in India is the Country’s Most Popular PG Course?

With graduation completed, many aspirants opt to pursue a career program in business management. MBA in India could be a perfect management program to settle for a lucrative career. MBA or Master of Business Administration is the most industry-oriented career course for the budding professionals.

Now an important question arises – Why MBA and how MBA is different from other business management programs?
• First, MBA provides the choices of latest electives and specializations that allow the participants to choose the subjects that are current, mapped towards a specific career and based on their interest. Some of the key specializations usually employed in a MBA program in India are finance, marketing, HR, information technology and more. Besides this, digital marketing, media management, logistics and supply chain management, project management, ERP are some other key specializations that go beyond the range of a traditional MBA courses.

• MBA participants are also given the knowledge of databases analysis, project lifecycle, and simulation exercises etc. The course includes activities involving conference rooms, auditorium and meeting rooms that provide industry like ambience and participants get used to all these even before they enter the corporate houses.

• Moreover, MBA in India includes internship programs for the candidates on productive outputs rather than academic outputs. MBA curriculum is also oriented towards performance and skills development. Thus, participants become work-ready right from their entry in the corporate world.

• Apart from this, it helps the participants to explore theoretical concepts by using a wide range of practical pedagogical activities like workshops, case studies, role plays, guest lectures, company visits and more.

• MBA program also helps you to develop professional ability and other key skills like leadership, motivation, confidence and decision making. The course helps the participants to achieve high level of excellence in their own field and attain realistic and obtainable goals in their life.

• Finally, an MBA program in India also focuses on organizational behavior, business strategy and fields that address key issues of businesses. Classroom teaching infuses core business concepts while international exposure gives relevant exposure to the students. Thus, participants can lay solid base for developing their career.

In short, an MBA in India fills the gap between academics and industry. It exposes the participants to more real time challenges. Thus, it is best suited for the participants who foresee themselves working for the multinational companies.

There are several top colleges in India offering a wide range of quality MBA programs to meet the needs of diverse set of aspirants. Some of the best MBA institutes in India providing top-notch management education to create professionals and leaders of tomorrow are as follows:
• MIT School of Business – Pune
• Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – New Delhi
• S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research – Mumbai
• Institute of Management Technology – Ghaziabad
• Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad