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Best Private Hotel Management Colleges of India

Why choose Private Hotel Management Colleges?
With a few exceptions, most of the best Private Hotel Management Colleges in India do provide much better facilities than the government-run IHMs. Top Private Colleges also offer more personalised coaching and counselling to its students. Three reasons why private colleges are better for you are:

• Their Modern laboratories
• Better quality of life
• Individual attention to your career goals

How to choose the best Private Hotel Management College?
Since there are no official rankings for private colleges, it is a challenge to select the best college for your requirements. The convenience of location and affordability of fees are usually the primary deciding factors. However, this may not be the smartest way to choose your college. Selecting the best private hotel management college for you is a significant decision that will directly impact your future. One it should use a scientific process of research to narrow down the choice of school.

Here is a checklist that one can use to decide on the best college.

Parent Company:
What is common among these top Private hotel Management Colleges listed below?

• Welcome Graduate School of Hotel Management, Manipal
• Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad
• Jindal School of Hotel Management, Vadodara

All the above colleges have the support and backing of their parent hotel chain. This association ensures that the teaching is always on latest trends in the real world of Hospitality. Also, the readily available resource of current hotel managers’ who will hand-hold you through your learning cycle is invaluable.

International Curriculum/ affiliation
Globalization has made the entire world a smaller place. Hotel chains are expanding their business operations to International markets. Indian hotel chains are competing with international chains in their own backyard.

One of the perks of the hospitality industry is the option to travel and work globally. Studying in a Hospitality school that has affiliations with International players improves ones skill sets and broadens your perspective. An International accreditation to your qualification will add immense value to your profile.

Laboratory Facilities
A hospitality curriculum has more practical credits than theory credits in the first two years. Since one is spending so much time in the laboratories, it goes without saying that quality of laboratories and modern equipment in these labs should be the essential criteria while deciding on your school of choice. The correlation between cutting-edge facilities, hands-on training and skill development cannot be refuted.

Success stories
An Institution cannot claim to be among the best private Hotel Management colleges in India without the success stories to back them up. The students and alumnus of a school are the best proof of this claim. One can do their research by following the social media posts of the top private hospitality schools. The profile of the alumni will usually mention their current status of employment.

Good schools will also encourage and their students to become entrepreneurs. Encouragement by the faculty members to think out-of-the-box and interactions with successful business people create the drive for young students to plan their startups. Search for such success stories too in the social media.

Online research for best Private Hotel Management Colleges of India could be overwhelming. Even after doing scientific research; one might still be confused about the final choice. This part, in fact, is the easy part! The college choice will depend on your career goal. One is more likely to become a reputed Chef by joining an institution with the best kitchen facilities and an affiliation with an international culinary school of repute.

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