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How ICSE Schools in Dehradun are nurturing students?

Col Brown Cambridge School Dehradun
Parents send their child to the best schools for their overall personality development. Sending your child to one of the best ICSE schools in Dehradun helps them to develop a mind that is creative, inquisitive and analytical.

The education sector in India has undergone several revolutionary changes in various segments. Dehradun City boasts of a good number of residential schools offering quality education to the children and preparing them for the global competition which is not limited to the best academic grades. Students from various parts of the country come to the city to get the quality education which is at par with the world standards. Over the years, top ICSE schools in Dehradun have strived to train the students to bring out the best in them. The top residential schools in the city work for the holistic development of the student along with classroom learning.

Residential Schools in Dehradun
Among the top ICSE schools in Dehradun, Col. Brown Cambridge School is the best one that aims to bring complete life transformation in the students. The top boarding schools in Dehradun are dedicated to make the students, responsible citizens of tomorrow with discipline, commitment and hard work  The comprehensive education system along with extra-curricular activities, teaching of moral values, ethics, talent nurturing and the abilities of students make them perfect and independent.

Benefits of ICSE Schools
With majority of parents choosing CBSE curriculum, ICSE board is also gaining huge popularity. The board is widely recognized all over the world. The ICSE curriculum is more interesting and challenging. Top international schools around the country have ICSE curriculum that offers the students edge over CBSE in many aspects.

Top ICSE schools in Dehradun focus on language skills and equipped with language labs which are quite beneficial for the students. Children passing from ICSE schools have an edge over English language as compared to the CBSE students as they are taught comparatively advance level English. Literature and Grammar are two different subjects and students have to appear in both of these exams separately. The syllabus followed by ICSE board is more comprehensive and plays a great role in improving the standards of education.

The best schools in Dehradun are equipped with smart classrooms offering smart class video modules and learning based on global education standards. Basically ICSE curriculum focuses on concepts and also gives stress on discipline.

With the increasing popularity of ICSE curriculum focusing on all-round development of the children, parents are looking for good ICSE schools in Dehradun to keep them ahead of the curve. These schools ensure best quality of education along with overall development of your child.  If you look at the facilities offered by ICSE schools like Col. Brown Cambridge School, Doon Cambridge School, The Doon School, Welham Girls School etc., you will be more than stunned. These schools offer excellent learning atmosphere to the students which is at par with the world standards.