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B Arch College in Pune - Course, Career Scope

Architecture provides an attractive and lucrative career option to the aspirants. Career in this field has lots of potential in terms of development. If you are an architecture aspirant then B Arch colleges in Pune would be your best option.

Bachelor of Architecture (B Arch) is an undergraduate bachelor's degree programme of Architecture that spans over 5 years and is divided into 10 semesters. Architecture is the art of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and various different physical structures. If you are interested in designing, planning and structuring and want to take it as a profession then architecture is the best course for you. You can choose the top ranked B Arch colleges in Pune to pursue the course. The course primarily focuses on the subjects related to the fields of engineering, arts and technology applied to the practice of architecture. B Arch degree programme is a generous mix of both theory and studio exercises.

The field of Architecture covers different works like spatial design, safety management, aesthetics, material management, etc. The architectural degree is purposely designed to accomplish the educational components of professional certifying bodies. An individual can become an Architect after completing his B Arch education. The beautiful and the amazing buildings and structures that we can see around us are the creation of Architects. Without them we would have never witnessed beautiful and highly mordenised building and structures. An Architect mainly focuses in making people’s living simple and comfortable, ranging from middle class to upper class. They put emphasis to provide people with simple, luxurious and stylish shelter. An Architect works according to the needs of the clients.

The academic course of Architecture is available at both graduate and postgraduate level. After the completion of Master's degree in Architecture, one can also opt for further studies in the form of PhD in Architecture. The course is available in various disciplines and these are:

• Transport Planning
• History and Pedagogy
• Interior Design
• Urban Designing

Many B Arch Colleges in Pune provide internship during the course. Students can do an internship programme with an architecture firm or with some professional Architects. These internship programmes help students to learn more, increase their practical experience, and thus better up job prospects.

Career & Jobs
The boom in the construction and designing fields has created thousands of job opportunities for the architects. The demand for skilled architects is high in both government and private organisations. After the completion of their architecture course, aspirants can avail many job opportunities in different sectors of construction, urban planning and development corporations, public works departments, interior designing, etc.

Architects can also avail several job opportunities in architect firms, universities, consultancy companies, etc. The global construction and building market provides a lot of attractive career and jobs for the architecture graduates. Architects work in the office and on construction sites as well.

There are many reputed Architecture colleges in India. Pune, known as the educational hub of western India houses some of the best Architecture colleges. Among the many colleges Dr DY Patil College of Architecture is one of the most recognised colleges providing architecture education at Bachelor's and Master's level.