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B Tech Colleges Offering Excellent Education and Career Opportunities

uem kolkata best b tech college in india

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree is a four-year professional engineering undergraduate degree. The degree is awarded to a student after their successful completion of the academic study in the engineering field. There are many colleges offering B. Tech degree program, claiming to provide best standard education along with sprawling infrastructure. If you want to get the best education in this field along with industry experience then you have to invest your time in finding the best B. Tech college. A good college will facilitate student to gain the capabilities of delivering outstanding engineering solutions. Most of the B. Tech colleges offer the degree in many disciplines such as-

• Computer Science and Engineering
• Information Technology
• Electronics and Communication Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Petroleum Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering

Best Colleges for Pursuing B. Tech
There are many government and private institutions/universities across the country that offer B. Tech engineering education. The top-ranked colleges provide innovative and cutting-edge B. Tech programs. Aspiring students, who are interested in engineering applications, research and want to do something new for the society will be benefited by pursuing a B. Tech program in any discipline. B. Tech graduates from a renowned college will be capable of designing and building outstanding solutions that will further help in the development of global economy. Some of the renowned B. Tech colleges in India are:
• University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata
• Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs)
• National Institute of Technology (NITs)
• Indian school of Mines, Dhanbad
• Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
• SRM University, Chennai
• Manipal Institute of Technology
• Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun
• Petroleum University, Dehradun

The above-mentioned colleges are well-known and top ranked colleges offering B. Tech programs in different disciplines. These colleges provide education by qualified and industry best faculties and boast of state-of-the art-infrastructure, advanced labs, library, sports, medical facilities, and many more. The best B. Tech colleges have some of the most advanced 3D printers in their labs facilitating students to get hands-on experience in the latest fields.

University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Kolkata is counted among the top colleges for pursuing a B. Tech degree. It brings together outstanding academics, experienced faculties and researchers, industry professionals and many advanced facilities, allowing students to gain hands-on and multi-disciplinary learning experience. The UEM Kolkata offers the following undergraduate programs:

• B. Tech in Civil Engineering
• B. Tech in Computer Science
• B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
• B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
• B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Career Scope
These days, there is a high demand for B. Tech graduates. This is so because of the continuous development and growth of the various businesses, industrial and engineering sectors. Most of the companies nowadays hire engineers with professional knowledge and experience. These graduates can avail jobs in not only in private sector companies but they are also in high demand in the public sector organizations.