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How private B pharmacy colleges are good for career growth

Private B.Pharmacy colleges are well-known to deliver in-depth knowledge about the subject. This knowledge helps candidates to achieve their career goals.

A Bachelor of Pharmacy (abbreviated BS Pharm or B Pharm) is an undergraduate course in the pharmacy field. The course is available in various government and private B. Pharmacy colleges in India. This course is the main prerequisite for registration to pharmacist practice in various countries. The programme is based on understanding the impacts and properties of medicines and developing the knowledge needed to suggest patients about their use.

After B.Pharm, one can go for M.Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) and Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) and become a professor of this subject of study. In the United States, this Pharmacy degree is offered as the baccalaureate degree of pharmacy. In Canada, it is the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree. The holders of B Pharm degree can get jobs in various working areas like: patient counseling, working as a pharmacist, pursuing studies like master degree, working as a lecturer in a university and college or can become specialist in drug information.

Scope of B. Pharmacy in government sector

Drug Inspector: If you want a lucrative career option, then choose Drug Inspector field. This position relates to good reputation and earning. But you can get this job when you have finished your B. Pharmacy course from the government or private B. Pharmacy College. Drug Inspector is offered an attractive salary package. Some allowances like Inflation adjusted dearness allowance and many more are increased yearly and annual increments are also fixed for every year.

Pharmacist: Pharmacist can join the jobs on permanent basis in Central Government Hospitals like AIIMS and ESIC, Railways, and pharmacist in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. The starting salary of pharmacist in Central Government Hospitals is same all over India. Annual increments are also available.

B. Pharmacy scope in private sector

Pharmacist:  Salary in starting could be 12000 to 20000 every month Indian Rupees. However, the scope of career growth is very limited.

Regulatory Affairs: Graduates in B. Pharmacy can get a job in an MNC or small unit. For freshers, starting salary varies from about 12000 to 16000 every month. After gaining some experience, an individual can shift to any other organization paying higher.

Manufacturing / Production Sector, Quality Control and Medical Equipments: Graduates in B. Pharmacy can get work in small Unit or MNC. For freshers, starting earning is about 8000 to 12000 every month depending on the level of the company.

Pharmaceutical Marketing: Graduates of B. Pharmacy on the basis of their knowledge can obtain a job in marketing in MNC or small organization. For freshers, starting salary is about Rs 20000 to 30000 every month and some incentives which are based on the performance.

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