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What can you Learn from Hospitality Colleges in India

Hospitality industry is one of the first businesses in history and is an every growing industry. The top hospitality colleges in India are helping aspiring candidates to get their dream job in the industry with their various courses in hospitality management.

With the continuous development and globalization, hospitality industry is certainly becoming significant and is also gaining attention as a lucrative career provider. It is an exciting and innovative industry that offers unlimited opportunities for those who wish to make a career in the travel and tourism sector. Those who are seeking a job or a career in this field can take up a training course in hospitality management from topmost hospitality colleges in India. The management course in hospitality compasses training in various aspects of the industries and businesses related to hotel, travel and tourism, housekeeping and catering.

The industry is flourishing at an exceptional pace with more and more people becoming open to dining out, spending leisure time with family / friends in a restaurants, meeting up in a restaurant for discussing business and many more. This fast growing industry has created a number of job and business opportunities for the aspirants. Those who are seeking to get into a high level position in this industry can do so easily by enhancing their skills and expertise. A course in hospitality management will definitely help them to acquire all the required knowledge, skills and outlook to proficiently and professionally handle the supervisory and managerial responsibilities in the Hospitality sector.

Hospitality colleges in India offer various diploma and degree courses in hospitality management. The courses mainly focus on the application of management principles in Hospitality sector. Students not just get theoretical knowledge but also hands-on work in the various operational areas of hospitality management like Food Production, Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Operation and House Keeping. The courses also provide extensive knowledge about sales and marketing, financial management, human resource management, hotel and catering law, property management, entrepreneurship development and computers with special focus on Tourism Studies.

After the completion of hospitality management course from one of the reputed hospitality colleges, one gets access to a range of career opportunities in Hospitality management. You can work as a general manager, event planner, travel and tour manager. Some of the other popular job titles in this field include lodging manager, restaurant manager, casino manager, cruise director, concierge travel agent, hotel/motel manager, event planner, facilities manager and many more.

Top hospitality colleges offering hospitality management in India are:

• Indian School of Hospitality, Gurgaon
• Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, Delhi
• Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Mumbai
• Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal
• Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Delhi
• Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Aurangabad
• Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Bangalore

The Indian School of Hospitality is one of the top ranked hospitality colleges in India, offering management course in hospitality to those who aspires to build a successful career in the industry. With a degree in hospitality management from this college, candidates are sure to get access to various career options and thus will be able to work efficiently towards their dream job.