Monday, December 24, 2018

PG in Data Analytics a Program to Transform Businesses

With new technologies and business challenges taking place every day before the companies, the significance of infrastructural revolution within an organization has become a necessity. Today, companies are looking for strategies that can help them get better returns at the reduced operational cost. Along these things, big data analytics has emerged as the most appropriate option before the companies as it comes up with so many useful technologies and tools to maximize profits for the organizations.

Today, we can see how some big companies have started utilizing the technology in their decision-making process. They find the insights from big data very useful and relevant. But managing big data is not an easy task—it requires professionals to have a good knowledge of data storage and security arrangement. Therefore, the people who have done professional courses such as post-graduation or data analytics certificate program are in huge demand and they get a good remuneration for their specific job.

Companies require regulating their big data in line with the best security arrangements and industry requirements. And it can only be executed by expert professionals. In the coming years, the career prospects for data analysts are undoubtedly bright across various industry verticals.

Who Can Be a Data Analyst?
Those students who aspire to earn PG in analytics should have a Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline from a recognized university. And for the admission process, they have to take the entrance test conducted by the respective institute or university and pass the cutoff marks. Generally, colleges have limited seats for the post-graduation in data science, so you need to prepare well and apply for admission in good time before it is too late.

Skills Required for Data Analytics
If you want to be a successful data scientist, then following skills can help you groom up your skills and knowledge:
  • Expertise in Mathematics and statistics
  • Programming
  • Data Analysis
  • Analytical Approach
If you have proficiency in the above areas, you are an ideal candidate for the post-graduation course. There is a huge growth opportunity in India for the data analysts because a number of companies are shifting to big data analysis to reduce the operational cost and bring in high accuracy in their decision-making procedure. The company with a team of trained and proficient data scientists will move on a rising trajectory in years to come.

Therefore, this is a high time to take a decision and earn a post-graduation degree or a data analytics certificate program from a recognized university.

M.Sc. in Data Analytics: Job Profiles and Career Prospects
It is primarily aimed at enhancing the candidates’ analytical and logical skills. As mentioned above,  a large number of industries need candidates who hold PG degree in data analytics or any other certificate program.

After completing the PG degree successfully, you may be hired for the following job profiles:
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
In addition, you may also get rewarding opportunities to work in colleges, PSUs, Bank, and other reputed organizations. If you have a dream of working in a large organization as a data analyst or data scientist, then don’t waste your time, simply select a reputed college and apply for the admission.