Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Things to Know Before Admission to Best Boarding Schools in India

best boarding school in india

Choosing the right boarding school for your kid is the toughest decision and requires a lot of efforts and research. The primary concern for the parents is not about choosing the best school but it is all about choosing the right school focusing on the overall growth and development of students. And, when it comes to choosing the best boarding school for your kid in India, it is important to look after many factors. It is important to make sure that the child learns positive assessment, social affluence, reasoning etc. Apart from this, there are some important points to consider when searching for the best boarding school for your child including:

1.    Identify the schools that are in your region or search the best ones across the country through web pages. Make a list of the ones on the basis of school background like is it co-ed, boys, girls or army etc. Note down the names that meet your expectations. Learn about what they offer and how much will they cost to you.  One can make this list by searching the school ratings and ranking on internet along with the comments from present or the passed out students.

2.    Visit the schools to get the better understanding of the school environment. Check if the school offers extra-curricular that interest your kid. Discuss about these activities with your child and tell them about the options. It is also important to learn about the security features of school and also check how they handle emergency situations.

3.    The next step is finalizing the school. It is better to finalize more than one school and understand what do the school expects from the child. Apply to the schools at the earliest because most schools open the admissions on the basis of available seats in each class. The admission process may be lengthy at some schools and now is the time to prepare the kid for the entrance process.

4.    Entrance is the general norm to get admission in one of the best boarding schools in India. While some schools offer admissions on the past academic performance of students, others conduct standardized admission test that may include simple questions from the previous classes, general aptitude and essay writing. Some schools tend to interview children before admitting them. So, it is better to encourage students to speak freely at the time of interview.

5.    It is also important to consider the teacher to student ratio at the school. The schools with low student to teacher ratio are the best and helps child to get individual attention. If class size is small, the kid will get better care and attention. It is also important to check the quality of faculty at the school. It is important to check, what is the qualification and experience level of the teachers. The faculty helps to groom child and makes them socially responsible. It is always better to check what are the teaching methods used by teachers and how the students at the school are accessed.

Further, the hygiene also matters a lot. So, it’s better to check the washrooms, boarding rooms and school mess for the good health of your kid.



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