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6 Things to Look for While Selecting Best Boarding School in North India

best boarding school in north india

If you are planning to send your kid in a boarding school, it might not be an easy decision for you. But it is not a bad decision as well. It is seen that the students who have spend their academic years in boarding schools groom better and are self dependent and more confident as well. There are a huge number of boarding schools in India and some of the best boarding schools in north India are The Doon School, The Mayo College, Doon International school, Bishop Cotton School, Sherwood College, etc.

But if you are sending your kid to a boarding school it is suggested that you visit the school that you have picked and check it yourself. Don’t get distracted by what the website has mentioned. Here are few things that you need to check while selecting best boarding school in North India.

1. Performance of the school in past few years : There certainly are many schools that are there since the British times but with the changing time more and more advance technology is getting introduced in academic world as well. The pattern of study as well as the syllabus is changing. Many new schools are opting for modern way of teaching and if these new schools are performing better than the so called oldest and most prestigious schools, you should better go for the newer ones.

2. Hostel facility : As the hostel is going to be your kid’s second home during his academic years, it is a must that you check what kind of facilities the hostel offers to its residents. The hostel needs to be both comfortable as safe for the students. Mess facilities and medical facilities needs to be good.  Try to find out how often can a student contact his family and what other facilities are there for the students.

3. CBSE or ICSE board : Almost every entrance exam that is conducted in India for admission in prestigious colleges is base on CBSE board. Even AIEEE is conducted by CBSE while the ICSE certificates are recognised world widely. So while picking a boarding school you also need to check which syllabus the school follows. Almost all the best boarding school in North India follow CBSE syllabus.

4. Labs Facilities and other programmes for students : Schools should not just provide the theoretical knowledge to the students but the practical knowledge is also equally important. And for that, schools need to have adequate facilities. Try to find out if Science labs, Computer labs, library, art and craft labs, etc. are there in school or not.

5. Sports and culture : Schools need to promote sports as well and cultural activities as it is important for the student’s overall growth and as a parent you need to check how many types of sports facilities are available in the school. Schools need to have play grounds, courts for indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool, theaters etc.

6. Admission procedure : If the school organizes an entrance test for admission and picks the students on merit basis it means the school is genuine and is serious about the study. The “First come first get” slogan is mostly recited by those schools who run the schools like a business. Besides the merit based admissions are comparative mush hassle free even though it sounds harder in comparison to the other way.



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