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List of top 5 CBSE Schools in Sahibabad

CBSE Schools in Sahibabad

Everyone wants their kids to be in the best school and they do everything to fulfill their desire. However, it becomes imperative to send your child to the nearest school. If you are staying in Sahibabad, then do not worry as there are many popular CBSE schools where you can send your child into. Read the article below to know more about the top 5 CBSE schools in Sahibabad:

Delhi Public School, Sahibabad

Delhi Public School is one of the most renowned schools in India. It has been offering education for more than 50 years. DPS has its branch in Sahibabad to offer quality education to students around. With a team of highly experienced teachers, they serve the students to their best ability and promote their holistic education. They believe in nurturing and empowering young minds for a fruitful future. The school provides a vibrant, comfortable, conducive and secure haven to the students so that they can easily learn and thrive. Learning from the real world is emphasized upon and the students learn to lead a life with discipline.

St. Thomas School 
St. Thomas School is one of the most recognized schools in the NCR. The school was established in the year 1986 and to date, it has carved its own niche. The school campus houses a kindergarten school, a primary wing as well as a middle wing that accommodates more than 1500 students. The school believes that education is the most powerful weapon and thus they entrust each and every child with knowledge. 

Khaitan Public School 

Khaitan Public School is another leading CBSE schools located in Delhi/NCR. They offer quality education and a vibrant campus community to more than 2800 students. The faculty members of the schools believe in blending multidisciplinary education with a global reputation for academic excellence. Moreover, the school provides the student with a top-notch faculty for arts, culture, and sports. They believe in maintaining a healthy student and teacher ratio thus they have 1 teacher for every 15 students.

DAV Public School
DAV Public School is another important school which has gained recognition over the years by providing quality education to the students. DAV Public School, Sahibabad was established in the year 1984 with 60 students and 7 teachers. Now the school has more than 4500 students and a staff spanning over 250. Being one of the renowned schools, it has its own magnificent spacious building that is spread over an area of 10 acres. With the changing trends and opportunities, the faculty members integrate effectual technological infrastructure. 

St. Mary’s Christian School 

St. Mary’s Christian School is one of the best schools that have provided high-quality education to the students. All of the people are concerned about fading moral values and thus growing prejudice among the communities, castes and groups. The school was initiated with the sole aim to ensure that the children easily recognize the strengths and live a life build upon that. They do each and everything to make the children responsible and do something good for the society.

So, here were the list of top CBSE schools in Sahibabad, where you child can blossom.

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