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Tips To Study Smart For Class 10 Board Examinations

When it comes to preparing for the Class 10 board exams and securing excellent marks, an ample number of students have been observed wasting their time in picking the right study material out of the many available choices. Most of them often end up choosing the wrong study materials which might ultimately lead to scoring less or even failure. NCERT textbooks are considered to be the utmost important study material one can use to refer, read and understand the concepts. However, the best ever resource for practising different types of questions are the previous year question papers and sample papers.

Tips to Study Smart for Class 10 Exam
1. Study the topics and concepts covered in the NCERT textbooks for class 10. Make sure that you don’t mug up any concepts, instead understand them well. These NCERT books are intended to assist every student, with appropriate information and knowledge in the most simple language. These books are written carefully, covering every minute details. The NCERT books, when learned meticulously, can help you in answering all the questions asked in the exam.

2. Most of the topics in class 10 are a continuation of what was taught in class 9. Hence, if you tend to forget some concepts that were taught in class 9, take out your NCERT textbook for class 9 and read the whole concept or topic again. If you want to check whether you remember all that was taught in class 9, get hold of the CBSE sample papers for class 9 and solve it. Doing so helps you in understanding the topics you don’t remember anymore and thus, you can brush up on these topics of class 9 with the help of the NCERT textbooks.

3. No matter how vigorously you work on a topic, you can’t be thorough with it until and unless you practice the same repeatedly. Questions that cover almost all the topics in the chapter are given at the end of every chapter in the NCERT books. These questions can be short or long answer type, match the following type, or even a combination of theoretical and problem-based questions. Students should attempt these questions provided after each chapter before moving on to solving any additional questions.

4. Revision is another important and inevitable part of exam preparation. Going through the whole book for revision is often a tedious task. So, the best way to revise the entire syllabus is to solve the CBSE sample papers for class 10 and the previous year papers of the same.

Studying hard has its way in helping you to crack the examination easily, but that’s not all. A combination of hard and smart study can do wonders. If coming out with flying colors for class 10 board examination is your aim, then all that you have to do is follow the tips mentioned here. Once you are done with these simple but effective tips for studying, you are all set to rock the exams.

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