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7 Ultimate Guides for Admission to CBSE Boarding Schools in India

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Sending your child to study in boarding school has many advantages. Such as they become self-reliant, cultivate sense of judgement, learn to socialize with their companion, take ownership and responsibility for his achievement, get to deal with problem by self, and could focus on studies without being distracted. Also, a boarding school has extensive academic environment in which education penetrates all phases of a child’s life. However, choosing the right boarding school becomes difficult for parents. This is because they want to ensure that their child develops the best upbringing in terms of education, co-curricular activities and other achievements. So, we have listed out 7 ultimate guides for admission into CBSE boarding schools in India :

To find a truly match for your child, parents should look out what sets a school apart. Check on teacher's education background. Learn about what the school have to offer in terms of academics, what is the student-teacher ratio, is it co-educational etc. Take feedback from present and past students for getting an idea about the school background and its reputation.

Choosing the School Board
With the rapid increase in school education boards in India, it is quite expected of parents to get confused about the best boards for their children. Therefore, parents should make a detailed analysis of the learning method followed by the different school boards. There are various leading school boards in India such as CBSE, ICSE, IB, SSC (State boards) etc. One such most popular board in India is Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Handled and controlled by the Central Government, CBSE board has global presence like other boards. All national-level entrance exams in India are formulated as per the CBSE syllabus. CBSE follows NCERT books which form the foundation of all entrance examinations regulated in India. So, choosing the right board is utmost important as a parent.

Entrance Test
Some boarding schools take admission test for the child, such as general aptitude, questions from previous classes, writing simple essay etc., while others take admission on the basis of past academic record of the child. Also, school takes interview of the child before admitting. So, it is better to encourage the child to speak fluently and freely in front of the interviewer.

Submit Your Application on Time
Make sure you submit the child’s application form well before the admissions due date. This is because the school have to start the review process, once the application form is submitted. So, submit all important documents and filled-in application form as soon as possible.

Learning Culture of the School
What are the academic disciplines the school is offering? How much peer collaboration is given importance? What are the other resources are available to students? What are the core skills the students will cultivate from school? How does the school address the different social and intellectual needs of each student? What are the extra-curricular activities the school is providing for all-round development of the students? These are some of the important factors that every parent should know before admitting their child to boarding school.

Visit the Campus
Visit the school to get a proper understanding of the school environment. You could discuss with your child about your preferences. Also, try to figure out the security facility of the school, and what are the alternatives they provide to manage emergency situations.

Check out the Cultural Background of Other Students
Your child will mingle with other students from various cultural backgrounds coming to study in school. This could expose him to new languages, cultural traditions, and new lifestyles, and acceptance of the same. So, it is important to know about the cultural background of other students.

Finding the right boarding school for your child is an arduous process. The 7 guidelines mentioned above are very important part of this process. So, if you are in the lookout for reputed boarding school, you should consider Doon International School Riverside Campus, Dehradun. Within a very short span of time, DIS Riverside Campus is able to establish itself as one of the top CBSE boarding schools in India. With holistic curriculum and outstanding infrastructures, the school impart right values and knowledge to students to become the socially responsible leaders of tomorrow. To know how much it will cost to your pocket visit website.

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