Wednesday, August 14, 2019

5 Myths about Boarding School in Dehradun you Probably still Believe

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Although International residential Schools are very popular among all Indian parents because they are really considered to be very constructive for growing kids to shape up their talents and future. But there are still some myths which make parents think twice about the admission of their kid in any international residential schools. So we are going to discuss some of the myths which really bothers the mind of Indian Parents related to admission in International residential school.

Top 5 myths which are really believed in India are:

Kids don't enjoy living there and they don't have fun: it is a completely wrong notion because boarding schools have changed a lot, many infrastructural changes have been done which makes students feel like they are in a home only. They have a proper playing time where they are allowed to enjoy their fullest.

Boarding schools are for those who are very nuisance: this is a completely wrong concept because it is a myth only to make them scare but there are huge examples of some brilliant and very obedient students who are being admitted to boarding school just to make their future in shape.

It hard to keep in touch with relatives and family members: this is a today's generation myth which was true for earlier days but now thanks to the modern technologies it has become a lot easier to keep in touch with relatives with the help of phones and laptops.

No Athletic Opportunities are provided to the students: parents and students both have a notion that all boarding schools work in shaping the academics talents of any student only but it is completely wrong for this new generation schools. We have seen excelling young blood in different kind of sports so boarding schools are also encouraging a lot of students in whatever sports they are good in or whatever sport they want to play.

The dorms are like prisons: yes there are some certain rules and regulations related to the in-time and out-time of the dorms but it doesn’t mean that the kids are considered to be prisoners. This timing and doors of the doors are just to keep the kids safe. As they are way apart from their family, it is the responsibility of school only to keep them safe so this is a complete myth.

So there are some of the best boarding schools in Dehradun which are capable of convincing you that these schools aren't that schools which has these myths in them.
Asian School, Dehradun: Asian School, Dehradun is an "A" listed residential school which is a proper and well-maintained boarding school. This is a CBSE affiliated school which excels in both sports and academics. It was established in the year 2000 and after that, it gained a lot of recognition. To know more you can read more on the official website of this school.

Grace Academy, Dehradun: it was established in the year 1990, which is a very elite residential school in Dehradun. It is a CBSE affiliated school which is popular for its excellence in their academics. You can visit the website of this school to get more information related to school.

Doon International School, Dehradun: This school has many branches in Dehradun. It is the topmost elite school which is very famous in Dehradun as well as all over India. Students from all over the nation because of their reputation get admitted in this school and shape up their future. For more details related to the school, you can visit here



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