Thursday, August 15, 2019

Key Difference between Part Time MBA vs Full Time MBA

Many working professionals want to get a boost in their career and the best choice they could make is by pursuing an MBA program. So, to achieve that enhancement in their career, they have two options with regards to MBA course, i.e., part time MBA and full time MBA.

Let’s take a look at the key difference between part time MBA and full-time MBA.

1. A part-time MBA allows you to do your job while simultaneously pursuing the MBA program. This also mean you don’t have to take a break in your career. While, a full-time MBA means a full time on campus dedication to your MBA program.
2. In case of full-time MBA, you need to give full two years of you of your life to this demanding program. So that you could get better job opportunity after completion of the course. In part-time MBA, there is lot of flexibility in the course. You could opt for weekend classes as the classes usually take place after office hours i.e., on Saturday and Sunday. Professionals could do their job and study at the same time.

3. In case of part-time MBA, students could choose their date of exam as per their preference, while in case of full-time MBA, students are provided with a fixed exam date.

4. Students can apply academic knowledge of classroom in their organizations immediately in part-time MBA, while in case of full-time MBA, students can apply their classroom knowledge in their internships but need to wait for one year before they can apply their knowledge on business problems.

5. There are no scholarships available in part-time MBA, but in case of full-time MBA, scholarships are awarded to the students by colleges and institutes and are based on merit list.

These are some of the key difference between part-time MBA and full-time MBA. So, if you are willing to pursue part-time MBA without quitting your job, then you should enroll at IMT Ghaziabad. Established in 1980, Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad offers three years part-time MBA program for working professionals. The institute offers best part-time MBA program in India. The curriculum is approved by AICTE and accredited by AACSB. The part-time program is designed for working professionals who could pursue MBA course along with their job. The program facilitates weekly classroom interactions with competent and qualified faculty members of IMT Ghaziabad. Apart from this, part-time MBA program at IMT Ghaziabad is designed in such a way that it is also helpful for entrepreneurs and professionals. Visit the website: for detailed information on the program and read more about the renowned institute.

Part-time MBA at IMT Ghaziabad is designed to provide theoretical skills, communication skills, and business and management skills with an emphasis on nurturing global business leaders of tomorrow. The comprehensive program was initiated in the year 1981in order to provide management opportunities to working professionals. The idea of this holistic program is to achieve in-depth knowledge on management skills, and help professionals to become effective managers in their organizations. Part time MBA from IMT Ghaziabad would help to build managerial proficiencies in working professionals.

So, if you are a working professional, looking for the best part-time MBA program, than visit here: to register for regular weekend classes or alternative weekend classes at the institute.



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