Monday, September 16, 2019

Things to Check Before Taking Admission to Best B Schools for Marketing in India

b schools for marketing in india

Marketing career is one of the most promising careers in the job market. Every company or organization is selling something, be it a product, a service or an idea. These companies need skilled marketing professionals to reach their target buyers to promote their brands and that is why marketing people are always highly in demand no matter what situation the present market is facing. Read more to know more about a career in marketing.

Marketing courses often open doors to many opportunities and pay packages in the field are also very lucrative. After you get your MBA degree in same, you can get job profiles like Marketing analyst, pre-sales or post-sales professional, Marketing professional, Promotions Executive, Advertisement manager, PR professional, Brand manager, Marketing research manager, Product development managers, and the list is never-ending. But what kind of organization will hire you and what kind of pay package you will be offered depends much on what kind of B school you have got your degree from.

Here are a few points that you need to check before you take admission in a B school for Marketing in India:

Facilities: What kind of facilities any educational institute is providing to its students' matters when you are spending so much time, effort and money on your MBA degree. You need to check the infrastructure of the institute, the facilities in classrooms, the labs, the sports facilities, the hostel facilities, etc. before making the final decision.  Institutes like MICA, IIM, and JBIMS are some of the best B schools for marketing in India that boast of an impressive infrastructure and the huge number of facilities these institutes provide to their students.

Faculty: Faculty of the educational institute is even more important than the facilities. The highly skilled and experienced faculty members mean a greater pool of knowledge for the students. One can simply visit the website of the B school to find out all about the faculty that it has for different courses. These sites provide complete details of educational qualifications along with the work experience of the faculty members. Pick the institute for yourself with faculty rich in experience and which also has members with industrial experience as well. Some of the best institutes also invite professionals in the field as guest faculty which helps the students gain even more.

Fee: It is important that you compare the fees of the same course in different educational institutes and also relate it to the facilities that you are getting. Many institutes offer hostel facilities, have modern classrooms and better lab equipment, etc. and hence the fee is higher but if neither the infrastructure nor the reputation meets the expectations, you should not pay higher fees just for the sake of a degree. Visit here to learn more about the fees of best B schools like MICA, JBIMS, etc.

When you are looking for the best B school for yourself, you also need to check if the placement cell of the institute is active or not, how much importance the institute gives to other activities like sports and other extracurricular activities, or how is the placement record of the institute, etc.

You can also meet the alumni and students who can give you more reliable details as they hold the first-hand experience.



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