Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Top 5 Educational Blogs in India which Provide Debate Topics

As the Internet and technology become more entrenched in our daily lives, it is impossible to ignore the benefits of educational blogs. Writing a blog not only benefits our students but also offers a personal interest for teachers. A blog is also an opportunity to reflect on the lessons that went well, as well as those that need more preparation. Invite your students to comment on what they learned, or answer questions about the topic covered. So now blog is medium to increase knowledge as knowledge is not limited to class room only.  Read more how blog help in selecting debate topic.
Educational blogs allows you to discuss topics outside the classroom. You can share ideas with parents or other family members, which in turn will encourage them to get more involved.

Debate topics and blogs
As these days most of competitive exams has debate sections. So if one is preparing for competitive exams students must also get ready them for debate section.  To prepare students must aware about debate topics in India. There are many blog which help the students in selection of debate topics.

Perhaps the best way to prepare students for discussion is to have students see how others are discussing various current topics. Here are five interactive blogs that can help educators and students in selecting the debate topics, how to build discussions, and how to assess the quality of studies that others are doing. There is.

1. Debate.org
Debate.org is an interactive site where students can participate in the debate. Debate.org is a free online community where scholars from around the world can discuss and learn the opinions of others who are online. Here you can chose a large number of debate topics for discussion. Online debate helps to increase your skills. Visit the website to get more detail.

2. Create a discussion
If a teacher wants students to plan and participate in online discussions, this is the blog that Create Debate. This blog allows students to engage both classmates and others in genuine discussions on controversial topics.

3.  https://learning.blogs.nytimes.com
It is a great platform for approach between students, students and teachers, and between school and parents. Relationship with the world, isolation breakdown, possibility of finding related work collaborators, informal and shared continuous training are few features of the blog..
Why use this blog:
  • Excellent gateway to dare and launch with ICT, for the simplicity of use and the learning and development of trust-development of varied skills.
  • Exchange of experiences, the exercise of personal and professional reflection.

4. https://www.readersbuzz.com/: one of best blog from where you can get thousands of topics for the debates. Here you can get online chat discussion,, forum and many other option for the debates

5. EdTechReview | Indian Education Blog: It is one of best Indian blog where you can forum for the debates. Also  Here you can get recent news, trends and insights,  resources, events, Debate topics and consultation on education technology to improve teaching, learning and enhance education.



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