Friday, December 20, 2019

5 reasons why boarding schools in Uttarakhand are famous

Boarding Schools
Best quality education, excellent residential facilities, world-class infrastructure and pastoral care is what residential schools in Uttarakhand offers to the students. Boarding schools in Dehradun, Uttarakhand have become the first choice of parents these days. These schools offer a great learning environment to the students with a strong focus on their overall development and growth. Over the last few years, boarding schools have become an attractive option for both children and parents for the facilities and quality of education they offer.

As parents, our biggest concern is to provide the best education and facilities to our child. In today’s competitive environment when there is a cut-throat competition, it is really important to be aware while choosing the school. And, the very first to shaping a child’s future is to enroll them in the best boarding school. Considering residential schools in Dehradun ensures the security, best quality living facilities, excellent teaching methodology, discipline, and personality development of the kids. The city is home to some of the best ICSE and CBSE boarding schools that one may choose. As a parent you may want to give the best to your child and definitely, you should go through these points to ensure how best boarding schools in Dehradun are the right option:

1. Best-quality learning: One of the key reasons why parents choose to send their ward to Dehradun residential schools is to give the best education to their child. The faculty at top residential schools is chosen carefully to make sure that your children get the best. Apart from this, the class size at the top boarding schools is smaller so as to give individual attention to each student.

2. Sharpen social skills: Choosing the best boarding schools in Dehradun encourage the development of social skills in the students. These schools are popular for building confidence in students. At boarding schools, students have to share their living spaces with other students and they are challenged to interact with each other which further develop life-long social skills in students.

3. Extra-curricular activities: The best boarding schools give students chance to take part in extra-curricular activities like sports, arts, music, reading, debates and more as per their interests. This helps in character building of students and enhances their skills. These activities are essential for the overall development and growth of students. While choosing a boarding school for your kid, it’s better to visit the website @ to know which kind of activities are offered at school.

4. Academic excellence: This is one of the key reasons to consider the residential schools in Uttarakhand. The graduates from the Dehradun boarding schools gain the best education recognized by the employers worldwide. The academic standards at these schools help candidates to progress amazingly. Students receive the best education along with excellent accommodation facilities and strong focus on their overall development.

5. Personality development: It is a known factor that a child graduated from a boarding school is easy to distinguish from the crowd due to their strong personality. Inclined towards several activities, these students are more skilled, disciplined, well-groomed, physically fit and confident as compared to day-school children.



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