Sunday, February 23, 2020

Top 7 CBSE Schools Ranking Near Pune

best cbse schools in sangli

Many parents don’t want to keep their children apart from them, however, few parents want the best for their children and thus keep them in the residential school where they are nurtured in the best possible way. Near Pune, you can find many residential as well as day boarding schools. Top CBSE schools in Sangli offers the students with the best education. So, read more to know about the top 7 schools near Pune:

MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools: MIT Vishwashanti Gurukul Schools are amongst one of the top CBSE schools in Sangli and it follows the CBSE pattern. The faculty members at this school believe in providing equal importance to academic excellence as well as an all-round development. They not only offer quality education to the students but also take care of the mental and physical development. They have a great team of faculty members who are well-versed with the subjects and take care of the students in the best possible way.

Suryadatta National School: Suryadatta National School is a top-notch CBSE school in Pune that offers primary education to the students using state-of-the-art technology. The seeds of the all-round development of the children are sown at an early age with the view towards contributing towards developing India. They wish towards creating healthy, strong, disciplined, bold and competent citizens who work towards the betterment of the nation.

Vidyashilp Public School: In the quest for excellence in education, Vidyashilp Public School was established in June 2008. The school aims in developing the all-round personality of its students in a deliberate manner. The student can become the leaders of tomorrow and it is a well-known fact and we strive to identify and nurture the core qualities which are required to provide effective leadership.

Vikhe Patil Memorial School: The Vikhe Patil family of schools has a very diverse footprint that includes the rural Maharashtra heartland and the swift Pune. They have a handpicked faculty to maintain a perfect balance of experience, talent and teaching ability. The faculty members are groomed and developed to deliver an unmatched teaching-learning experience. The family of institutions has always understood the responsibilities, not just towards the students but also the nation.

B. K. Birla Centre for Education: B. K. Birla Centre for Education is one of the top-notch schools that nurture the student by designing young minds who seek excellence in every quest, innovation as well as have a great approach towards life. They seek to bring preeminent intellectual and creative so that they can have effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better humans to easily portray and personate better humanity.

Air Force School: Air Force School is one of the best schools in town and it offers the children a top-notch education. They provide 360-degree education to the students through top-notch academic facilities and empower the children to be inspiring leaders with the humane touch.

Pune International School: Pune International School is another top-notch school that offers the student with a happy, caring and stimulating environment. They want the children to achieve their fullest potential so that they can give the best contribution to society.

So, here are the top-notch schools where you can send your children into. Visit the website of the school to ensure the best future for your child.



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