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Best 5 institutes for postgraduate quantity surveying courses in India

post graduate quantity surveying courses in india

If you are going to go to the construction sector, then you must have read about the postgraduate courses provided by different institutes in India. There are different fields of construction and the field of quantity surveying is becoming most popular in recent times in India. Many colleges will provide you a postgraduate degree in the same but the real trick is to find the college that imparts quality education and provides you a good placement. Here we bring you a list of 5 best institutes that provide postgraduate quantity surveying courses in India.

1. RICS School of the built environment
RICS is a school that is lead by the industry to prepare the students for the industry work. This institute is lead by leading construction firms. Within 7 years of its commencement, it became so popular that about 2500+ students have passed out from this institute and are working in reputed companies today.

2. Bhadani Quantity Surveying Training Institute
If you are looking to get a job in big MNCs and construction companies then you must choose Bhadani Quantity Surveying Training Institute for your education. It provides courses that are job oriented. As we know that the gulf countries are famous to provide the jobs in the construction sector, the students from Bhadani institute are in great demand for the same.

3. V Institute
One of the oldest institutes of India that has been providing the courses in quantity surveying is V institute in Kerala. It was established in the year 1941 and since then it has produced many students who have done great work in the field of construction. The V institute hires experienced teachers who are professionals. They give their best to the students and students learn a lot while communicating with the teachers.

4. Institute of Quantity Surveyors
The Institute of Quantity Surveyors in Kozhikode is famous for providing the best education to the students who enroll to study here. The best part about this institute is the placement cell. The pass out students from these institutes is placed at respected positions in different countries like Singapore, UAE, etc. So, if you wish to go abroad right after doing the course, then you must opt for the Institute of Quantity Surveyors as it will open up many doors to foreign lands for you.

5. Syncline Quantity Surveyors
Syncline institute was established in the year 2010. It provides different courses at reasonable fees. So, if you are looking for an institute that is affordable and imparts quality education, then you can go for Syncline Quantity Surveyors. After all, you do not want to spend hard-earned money on just any random institute which will not provide you a good education. This institute is based in Hyderabad.

Look out for the process and dates of admission in the different colleges. As you will visit the website of different colleges, you will know about the admission dates and procedures. Once you get a degree in quantity surveying, you can work as the surveyor. This job is very important especially when the construction is about to start. Every small to big detail is examined by the quantity surveyor. Even though the work of quantity surveyor is required throughout the construction work, he looks after the different cost and administration work.



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