Wednesday, May 20, 2020

5 Exciting Careers to Sync your Passion with your Course

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If you think a BSc degree can get you a job of teachers and nothing else then think again. Even though the job of a teacher is prestigious, the young generation today looks for different and exciting career options. The following are a few career opportunities that you can go for after completing the BSc degree. You can read through the following points and then research the careers that interest you in detail.

1. Data Architect: Data architects are the people who work at different multiple platforms together and build solutions for improving the performance of companies. Some data architects also build analytical applications. Which field you want to work in totally depends on your choice of work.

2. Machine Learning Engineer: Machine learning engineers work to make software solutions for companies. Once a company has started generating good income, it requires machine learning engineers. There are many jobs as machine learning engineers. You will be able to easily find one because there are many vacancies for the same.

3. Business Intelligence Developer: Business intelligence people develop strategies for users to help in their business. This helps them to make better business decisions. Different reputed and popular companies make extensive use of Business intelligence development. So, if you have a BSc in Data Science, you can go to this sector.

4. Forensic Scientists: Forensic scientists work directly in chemistry, biology, drugs, and toxicology. All of the forensic scientists who work in these fields are actually working for the courts to provide the evidence in support or defense of the crime. This job is exciting because you get to examine different things from the crime scene.

5. Microbiologist: Microbiologists study the microorganisms. You can work in laboratories after getting a BSc in biomedical. If you love to do experiments and find out the results, then this is for you. Some microbiologists also work in offices. So, you can choose your work according to your interest. In the coming years, there will be plenty of jobs available for the microbiologists.

6. Science Writer: Science writers are the people who write about new scientific discoveries and inventions. If you have good writing skills and don't mind writing for hours then a science writing career is for you. After completing your BSc, you can apply for the job of a science writer. This job needs concentration work. Some job profiles demand a higher qualification but for the most part, Bsc is acceptable too.

You can choose a Bsc college in Baroda by looking at the availability of the course. You can either choose a Bsc degree in Data Science or in a biomedical stream for pursuing the above-mentioned careers. These careers have a great scope of promotions and with each hike; you will get salary increment too. The admissions are open so you can visit the website as soon as possible and contact the counselor to apply now before the seats get filled up. You will be guided by the councilor properly to get the admission.



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