Friday, May 8, 2020

Corona Virus Outbreak : The Rise of Online Education

Covid-19 pandemic has affected mostly all the sectors, the educational sector being one of them that witnessed the pandemic wrath in multiple ways. Somewhere in the second week of March, all colleges and schools decided to shut down their activities as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the disease. As a result, education suddenly took a drastic change with a distinctive rise in online learning using digital platforms. 

In response to this significant drift online learning platforms have seen a 200% increase in their usage. Some of the widely used apps/platforms for online learning are:

Microsoft teams: Learning just made easy with Microsoft teams. It is a simple to use platform where teachers and students can easily collaborate to enable a secure online classroom and facilitate distance learning.

Moodle- Another multi-faceted online teaching platform that enables educators to create e-courses, provide students with assignments, simultaneously check their performances, and allows seamless communication between the teachers and students in the form of forums and discussions.

Google for Education- with Google for education, discover digital literacy tools that help teachers and students generate digital skills. It’s easy to use and helps faculty and students to be more efficient and effective through video conferencing, real-time feedback, higher education tools, and systems.

Code Tantra- Teach and learn anytime anywhere with code tantra. Code tantra encourages active learning through extensive practical labs and instant contextual help.

TeachNext- Teachnext is a one-stop solution for online education. Be it dependable software, comprehensive content, and assessment, innovative tools, or trustworthy support you have it all.

In this emergency Inderprastha Engineering College, the top private engineering college of Ghaziabad also decided to shift its operations to online platforms so that the education of thousands of students doesn’t get hampered as it is the most crucial part of the year and a gap in education cannot be afforded by anyone.

Since the day the online classes have started there has been an increase in the attendance of the students as the students can seamlessly attend every class with just a simple click along with the comfort of sitting at home. The faculty is finding new ways to be creative in their approach, adapting newer methods to stir curiosity, and retain the interest of the students during the online classes.

The online classes are not only helping to cover the curriculum but also making a positive impact on the mental health of students as well as the teachers that has been impacted largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. IPEC being the best B.Tech College in Ghaziabad is exploring every avenue to deliver the top level of education to its students. 

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining; though the pandemic has been a complete misfortune for the entire world it has also provided some positive outcomes especially for the educational sector. The students, as well as the teachers, are now prepared for working in a technology-driven environment; the hesitation of using online platforms for delivering lectures has completely vanished, this time can be utilized for redesigning the country’s ways and means to provide education and IPEC, Top Engineering Colleges of AKTU is leaving no stones unturned to provide the best education during these challenging times..



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